Age of State Representative, as well as, city and school size are considered.  Much thought has been given to the evaluation format of the Pre-Teen America Scholarship and Recognition Program. With the utilization of seven distinct evaluation categories, we feel that we offer a most complete and thorough format for selecting our state representatives. With the realization that all of us have our strengths and our weaknesses, we feel that by offering seven diverse evaluation areas, we are able to offer a program that seeks the composite well-rounded pre-teen.

  • ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT20% Report cards for the past two years will be requested from each state finalist. A state finalist’s grade point average and significant test scores will be evaluated. Attention will be given to specific classes in which you may have done well.
  • VOLUNTEER SERVICE TO COMMUNITY10% The Evaluation Committee will review the amount of the state finalist’s involvement in both church and community. Extent of participation and hours involved will be evaluated.
  • SCHOOL HONORS AND ACTIVITIES10% The Evaluation Committee will review the amount of the state finalist’s involvement in school clubs and organizations. Club and organizational memberships, as well as, student of the week/month, perfect attendance, citizenship, art and athletic awards will be evaluated.
  • DEVELOPMENT OF PERSONAL SKILLS AND ABILITIES10% This category refers to all of the special talents and abilities, hobbies and interests which you may have developed, in short, any activity which you may have pursued or cultivated which has helped to make you a more well-rounded individual. Such things as ability in sports, studies in music or dance, special hobbies ranging from sewing and art work to photography and stamp collecting may be considered. This category seeks to recognize personal development and to encourage special interests.
  • GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ASSESSMENT15% Each state finalist will take a written test (multiple choice) to measure her general awareness in a variety of areas, such as current trends and common sense. (Jr. & Sr. divisions will be given separate tests.)
  • COMMUNICATIVE ABILITY20% Each state finalist will be interviewed by an Evaluation Committee. The Evaluation Committee will assess each state finalist on her general ability to express herself. Other factors noted for example, will be ideas presented, friendliness, manners, courtesy and tact and body language. A dress, jumper, or suit would be considered appropriate interview attire.
  • ON-STAGE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS15% Each state finalist will be recognized on stage for her abilities and accomplishments. (Sunday or Easter type dress suggested.) Staff assistants will work with the State Finalists to prepare them for rehearsal time.

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